Thursday, September 8, 2011


Presentation of project "CORNERS" took place on the 8-th of september in the Center of Contemporary Art. The event was hosted by Chris Torch.


CORNERS is a long term collaboration between cultural initiators and organizations throughout the Greater Europe. We initiate this collaboration with a 17 month project, CORNERS R&D, focusing on research, networking and development of foundational ideas for future co-productions and touring. We plan a second phase of production, distribution and documentation.

Europe is framed by four seas: The Baltic, The North, The Black, The Mediterranean. Around each sea, unique cultural traditions have developed over centuries. And - at the same time - unique contemporary expressions of art and culture are emerging, in a globalized context.

The "outer reaches" of Europe are still unknown territories, culturally and politically. Our neighboring countries long for a closer contact with the European project. Few cultural bridges exist; the possibilities of concrete collaboration sorely limited. We have so much to learn and distill from each other.

CORNERS is imagined as a long term project leading to co-production and finally touring of finished artworks and performances. The project will be implemented in two distinct phases. 

During the 17 month period of the First Phase (Research and Development) we will identify closer Partners along the way and invite them to join in the work. Relationships between artists from different disciplines, generations and cultural backgrounds will be strengthened. Collaborative projects will be imagined and designed.
We intend to carry on funding efforts throughout this first phase in order to guarantee an ongoing process leading towards the Second Phase (Co-Production and Touring).
The multi-lateral and interdisciplinary aspects of CORNERS is intended to create multiple results which can be easily developed by the many cultural operators and organizations involved in the work.
We build bridges between ART and SOCIETY and between INNER Europe and OUTER Europe.


CORNERS - turning Europe inside out. More than 40 artists and researchers explore the outer regions and coasts of Europe in search of stories and inspiration for new work. CORNERS aims to make the unheard heard, the unseen seen, the invisible visible - and to look back on our continent from its furthest edges.
CORNERS R&D is a significant step by a coalition of cultural initiators living and working at the edges of Europe, bordering on the extended Europe.
Intercult (Sweden)
Umea 2014/The City of Umea (Sweden) Exodos Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Drugo More (Croatia)
Pogon (Croatia)
Gdansk 2016 (Poland)


The methodology we use is called Xpeditions. Artists and researchers (sociologists, architects, environmentalists) travel together with the specific objective to engage and exchange with local artists, associations, students and engaged citizens. Public places will be animated (PIAZZAS) and artistic expression will be used to open dialogue. We will travel by bus, ferry and snowmobile. We will be guided by our hosts.
The 40 artists and researchers will journey across areas of Europe too seldom explored, visiting towns, villages and (in some cases) larger cities. We will both listen and animate. Each artist will prepare an action or artwork as a gift.


North Xpedition 8-21 August 2011, organised by Umea 2014 From Mo i Rana (Norway) through Vasterbotten (Sweden) to Umea.

Caucasus Xpedition 27 September - 13 October 2011, organised by Intercult with local staff Planned destinations: Нора, Turkey, through Georgia to Baku (Azerbaijan)

Balkans Xpedition 15-29 April 2012 organised Exodos/Drugo More/Pogon Planned destinations: Bosnia; Montenegro; southern Serbia; Macedonia; Albania

East Xpedition 18 August-1 September 2012 organised by Gdansk 2016 Planned destinations: eastern Poland; Kaliningrad; Lithuania; Latvia; Belarus; Ukraine.

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